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There is a new place in Edmonton for men to learn skills, meet people, drink coffee, share stories, and hit things with hammers – a Men’s Shed!

A Men’s Shed is a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive place that provides the opportunity for men to build projects, form positive relationships, and increase neighborly connections. Men’s Sheds originate in Australia, and are a grassroots, bottom-up movement driven by the members it serves.

Men building a project at an Edmonton Men's ShedResearch has shown that men are vulnerable to depression and social isolation after retirement. Loss of social network, identity tied to career, and purpose contribute to feelings of isolation and depression in older men. The Men’s Shed program aims to create a healthy environment for men to build new relationships, while combating social isolation and depression by providing a safe space for men to connect.

The men share their skills and learn new skills from other shedders by participating in a variety of activities of their own choosing (e.g., woodworking, painting, and cooking activities etc.). It is an opportunity for people to be both teachers and learners while sharing stories, venting, or simply having a coffee and working away at projects.

There are two Men’s Sheds in Edmonton open to men of all ages:

  • Sage Seniors Association (15 Sir Winston Churchill Square)
    Meets Fridays in Classroom A from 1–4 p.m.
  • Beacon Heights Community League (12037 43 Street)
    Meets Wednesdays from 7–9 p.m.

New members are encouraged to join and to help host additional Sheds throughout Edmonton. For more information on the Men’s Sheds, call 780-446-4179.