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For many seniors who live alone, the shorter daylight hours we experience at this time of year can increase the risk of becoming withdrawn and isolated. Here are some ideas to help you manage the change this fall courtesy of RISE (Reach Isolated Seniors Everywhere).

Add in natural light

  • Move your favorite chair or bed closer to the window
  • Open blinds and curtains upon waking, which is especially helpful and allows us to take advantage of as much daylight as possible.
  • Add plants and bright coloured accessories(cushions, vases, curtains)
  • Trim bushes and trees to allow more natural light to filter into the home

Go outside and enjoy the sunshine

  • Have your morning coffee on the porch or deck or go out for coffee
  • Take a walk (around the block, to pick up your mail; to chat with a neighbour)
  • Go for an afternoon drive. Visit a pumpkin patch, apple orchard or farmer’s market (or all of them!)
  • Take advantage of every opportunity and invitation to go out & enjoy the day

Practice healthy habits

  • Establish a bedtime routine which allows you to get enough sleep and to wake up refreshed
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and healthy foods for more energy. Sweets and starches provide a temporary energy boost, but may eventually leave you feeling sleepy and sluggish *
  • Exercise naturally releases endorphins which may help you feel happier*
  • Stay connected with family and friends. Plan visits and outings. Connect by phone, email or Skype when you can’t get together in person

*(Always check with your doctor before beginning any dietary or exercise program)

Learn more about the RISE Campaign.