We all play a role promoting the social inclusion of seniors

Everyone can—and should—reach out to seniors who might be feeling isolated. It strengthens our community and creates a shared benefit. While social isolation is a complex problem, some of the solutions don’t have to be. Promoting inclusion can be as simple as saying “hello”, stopping in for a visit, or helping a senior with tasks.

Whether you’re a family member, neighbour, friend, faith leader, medical professional, or service provider, chances are you know a senior who may be experiencing social isolation and can take steps to intervene.


So how can you help? Glad you asked!


Connecting the Dots

We’ve developed a tool to help connect the dots by showing what social isolation looks like and how you can take steps to promote social inclusion in your community. To learn more, download our one-pager tool, Connecting the Dots to Promote the Social Inclusion of Seniors.



Another way to become a connector is by volunteering for one of the many local organizations that work to connect seniors. Help seniors get into their communities by being a volunteer driver, lead activities and assist with outings and events, or support a senior by being a friendly visitor. There are endless ways to get involved.

Take your involvement to the next level – join the Stewardship Roundtable

If you would like to take your involvement even further, we invite you to join the Stewardship Round Table, which is a multi-stakeholder change network with a shared goal of enacting systems-level change while supporting every senior in the Edmonton area to age well in community.

The initiative needs people who are big picture thinkers as well as those who can create grass roots actions. Whether you’re a service provider working directly with the community, a government official enacting policy changes, or someone who cares passionately about seniors issues, there is room for you on the Stewardship Round Table.